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Removing the Power Steering Pulley

Almost any AutoZone store will have a "power steering pump pulley remover" for you to rent for free with a 100% refundable full-deposit. I personally wouldn't go and buy a rare tool like this that I may only need once every couple years. I checked AutoZone, NAPA, MAC Tools, and SnapOn and the prices seem to vary from $15 to $100+ for a puller. A friend said that Autozone will remove pulleys for free if you bring the pump/alternator in with you. That might also be worth checking into.

How to Remove the Power Steering Pulley

The above information has been gathered and slightly modified (for aesthetics only) by myself from AGR Perforformance's website. I am currently awaiting a response from AGR regarding the use of this picture. My thanks to AGR Performance!!!

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