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TJ Fluid Type/Capacities

The following chart has the fluid/part type listed, the capacity/size needed, the brand & part number I recommend, and the factory (OEM) recommended replacement interval. Since I'm a maintenance freak, my schedule varies dramatically from the OEM recommendation. If you plan on keeping your Jeep/car/whatever for awhile, words for the wise: DO MORE THAN THE OEM RECOMMENDATION. For more info on my way of doing things, check out my Maintenance homepage for links to writeups for how I do things. Also read the footnotes for my comments.

These quantities are for my 2001 TJ, but should work for other similar systems. Check in your owners manual if you are unsure.

Fluid/Part Jeep Capacity/Size My Brand & Part Number OEM Replacement interval
2.5L Engine Oil 4.0 Qt AMSOIL 10w30 Synthetic Motor Oil For petroleum-based oil - 3,000mi.1
4.0L Engine Oil 6.0 Qt (my setup takes .31qt more) AMSOIL 10w30 Synthetic Motor Oil For petroleum-based oil - 3,000mi.1
2.5L & 4.0L Oil Filter OEM - .62qt
I use a .93qt filter
OEM (0.62qt) - Mobil1 M1-204 or
Larger (0.93qt) AMSOIL EaO15
Mobil1 M1-301 (0.93qt)
Every 3,000mi. I change every 3,000mi also2
Transmission, Manual
(5spd NV3550)
2.0 qt AMSOIL MTF (Synthetic 5w30 Synchromesh) OEM says it never needs changed. I change every 25,000mi.3
Transfer Case
1.5 - 2.0 qt AMSOIL Synthetic Universal ATF I can find no mention of factory recommendation (still looking)4
Dana 30
Front Axle
1.5 qt AMSOIL Synthetic Severe Gear 75w90 Check every 12,000mi. Change every 24,000mi.5
Dana 44
Rear Axle
2.0 qt w/TracLoc
2.5 qt w/open diff.
AMSOIL Severe Gear:
75w90 (TracLoc)
75w90NS (open diff.)
Check every 12,000mi. Change every 24,000mi.5
2.5L Cooling System 15.0 qt Havoline Dexcool (red anti-freeze) Check it every autumn. Also read THIS.
4.0L Cooling System 14.5 qt Havoline Dexcool (red anti-freeze) Check it every autumn. Also read THIS.
Grease Fittings
AKA "zerk" fitting
A stock TJ has 7 fittings Synthetic grease, ie AMSOIL's NLGI #1 or #2 or Mobil1's syn. grease Grease tierod ends every 3,000mi.
Grease ball joints every 6,000mi.6


1 I use synthetic, which doesn't need changed as often. My oil change writeup explains my schedule, which entails a filter change and 1.5qt oil top off every 3,000mi, with a complete oil change/flush every 12,000mi.

2 Despite synthetic filter manufacturer claims of going 12,000mi. on their filter I would rather cough up the $11 for a new synthetic filter and stay on the safe side. A clogged filter bypasses and will not filter at all; thus my reason for changing a $11 filter every 3,000mi.

3 I replace it every 10,000mi. or sooner if it gets water in it.

4 Check your t-case fluid regularly; neglected low levels will cause the t-case to burn-up, causing permanent damage. I change mine every 30,000mi.

5 AMSOIL has a limited-slip (TracLoc) additive already in their 75w90 fluid. I check my axle fluid whenever they get dunked in deep water. I change the rear axle every 15,000mi. regardless of usage and my front about every 25,000. Also check how to change diff fluid.

6 I say heck with OEM, I put a VERY SLIGHT AMOUNT of grease in every fitting every 3,000mi. The key here is to not overfill the fitting until grease is popping out. Don't even put enough in to make the rubber boot expand.

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