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Banks Power Monster Exhaust

(Formerly called Banks Power Stinger Exhaust)

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I went out on a limb when I made this purchase; Banks just came out with this kit just weeks before my buying it, and there was little or no word on the street what the kit was like. I have been a big Flowmaster and Borla fan, but I am definitely aware of Banks' reputation when it comes to making systems for Ford and Chevy trucks (Banks is awesome). So I bought my catback system solely on the good name of Banks.

The Banks Monster system is for any '91-'03 Jeep 4.0L inline-6 engine. Please note that if you have a TJ that is stock or at least has the stock transfer case skidplate this is a very straight forward and easy install with normal hand tools. You could probably do it by yourself in about an hour or so. On some Jeeps it may be easier to get to the exhaust system by removing the transfer case skidplate, which requires a jack and jackstands.

My installation steps below aren't the most thorough for 2 reasons. 1. I thought it was a straight-forward install. 2. Banks Power included decent instructions (they can be downloaded HERE, 746KB file), why reinvent the wheel? I am only adding notes where I think it would help and wasn't already notated. My opinion of this system and "before and after" sound-bytes are at the end of this page.

I would like to thank Jeremy for the use of his shop. Now on to the install.....(as usual all pictures can be clicked on for a larger version)

Parts List

Tool/Supply List

The Install

Step 1

First, put on the safety glasses, get out the shop light, and gather your tools from the list above. Clear a path under the Jeep so you can crawl under there. Get the new parts laid out on the floor.

Step 1 admire shiny new stainless steel parts

Step 1a

Below, notice that you can see straight through the Banks muffler. On the stock muffler you don't have even a slight chance to see through it due to the poor flow characteristcs. This is how the Monster system develops more power for your Jeep, less restriction to the flow of exhaust gases.

Step 1 admire shiny new stainless steel parts

Step 2

Go to the rear passenger-side tire and remove the 2 hanger bracket bolts and spray the rubber bushing with WD-40. Let the exhaust hang freely (or drop) and get under the Jeep to remove the othe hanger and lube it as well. Also notice in this picture what the stock pipe looks like.

Step 2 remove hanger bracket bolts, lube the rubber bushing.

Step 3

Crawl under the Jeep and use your socket wrench (or air ratchet) and remove the 2 nuts that hold your current muffler to the rear-end of the catalytic converter. Once these 2 nuts are gone, your current (stock) exhaust system is freely hanging. All you have to do (easier said than done) is wiggle/twist/weasel the pipe and muffler outta the way. Be careful and don't get wild, you could snag a brake line or something.

Step 4

Really, all you have to do is reverse what you just did. snake the new parts into place, bolt the muffler up to the catalytic converter, tighten up the hanger brackets.

Step 4 Bolt new parts into place.

Step 5

All you have to do now is clamp on the chrome tip. If you're like me, you'll put it on just for grins, see how unpractical it is for wheeling, and then promptly remove it. See picture:

Step 5 No comment.

Step 6

FinishedAfter removing the chrome tip this is my final look:

Step 6 No chrome!

I removed the chrome tip for several reasons:

Now, what you've all been waiting for...SOUND!

These sound recordings were made with the same microphone, from the same location on the Jeep. I even made sure to use the same spot on my driveway so that any echoes/distortion sound the same too.

Click me for factory exhaust sound - This is the .MP3 for the FACTORY EXHAUST. It is a 310KB file.

Click me for Banks Power sound - This is the .MP3 for the BANKS POWER EXHAUST. It is a 254KB file.

My opinion of the Banks Monster System?

It sounded a little higher pitched than I had anticipated at first. This was my fault for expecting V8 sound out of an inline-6. After a week or so, it really grew on me and I like it quite a bit now. The stainless steel construction is really nice, as I'll probably never have to buy another exhaust system (or at least for a LONG time).

Some things I have noticed are:

  • More noise with or without top on. (duh, I expected this) I now need a new, louder stereo to compensate (MP3 player?).
  • Before, when warming up, a little water would drip from the tailpipe as a byproduct of the fuel combustion. Now steam kinda whooshes out of the pipe due to the freer-flowing design of the Monster system.
  • Due to noise, it's now gonna take a significant amount coercion to get my wife to go on "lets drive across the U.S.A." style trips.
  • Overall, I am quite pleased with my Banks Monster system and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to replace their exhaust system. It may have increased my horsepower, but not by much. I did notice a slight increase in my gas mileage, around the 5% range (1mpg); this may be coincedental though.

    10/30/2003 Update: After 7 months of having the Monster System, it's hard to recall what it was like without it. I am completely used to the sound, and I do think I got more of a power increase than my initial reaction; especially in the top RPM range (3000+ RPMs). When combined with a high flow air filtration system like I have, at higher RPMs the Jeep sounds fierce! I am still very happy with this product, and I have plans for the Banks Power Torque Tube header as well.

    P.S. my wife actually likes the sound too, and she doesn't mind long road trips either! Wahoo!

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