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Painting Chrome Headlight Trim Rings

As a quick way to personalize my Jeep and further rid it of ghastly chrome, I decided to have the chrome trim rings painted at the same time I had my Warn Trail Flares painted. So I removed them in about 3 minutes with a T15 Torx bit and sent them off with the flares to my buddy Zach to be painted to match the OEM paint.

Once you have them removed from the Jeep, take some sandpaper or steel wool and scuff up the smooth fake-chrome finish so that the new paint will adhere to the trim ring. Take your surface prep chemical (i.e. acetone) and clean the surfaces of the trim rings. Once cleaned, refrain from touching them. Go ahead and apply the paint, wait until dry and apply the clear-coating. After allowing a day or two to dry, it is safe to reinstall the rings into your Jeep. Careful not to scratch your paint with the screw tip or the torx bit, tighten down the 3 screws on each trim and then admire your custom handy work. Your Jeep is now one step further from being "normal" or "standard."

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