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M.O.R.E. Steering Brace

Complete underneath side view.

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This M.O.R.E. steering brace is one of my first "mods" for my TJ. I placed the order the same day my new TJ was delivered from the factory. It was: 1. a cheap mod, 2. something I knew I would eventually need, 3. it looks cool. To further describe why you too should put one of these braces on your Jeep, here are the real reasons. These braces help by reinforcing the power steering gearbox to the frame. Only three bolts hold on the TJ gearbox is held on by only 3 bolts, sturdy, but not exactly STRONG if you know what I mean. Also with upgrades to larger tires, your steering system gets stressed by having to "push" or "pull" heavier tires than what the system was designed for. This brace is a cheap way to ensure that will help keep the steering gearbox from being ripped off of your Jeep when you need it most.

You can see in my photos below what an installed brace looks like. Installation is simple, although I needed to use my bench grinder to remove about 1/8" of material from the passenger end. I put some loc-tite on the threads to ensure a tight fit. My installation instruction sheet can by downloaded HERE (370KB file).

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