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Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve

Fumoto valve operation animation.I bought & installed my Fumoto Valve at the same time as my engine skidplate. I opted for Fumoto part number F101N, the "N" stands for nipple. This nipple is so that a hose can be attached to allow draining cleanly to a drainpan in remote location (or to prevent draining oil all over your skidplate). I suggest using the "N" version, as it will assure a mess-free oil change. The nice feature of a Fumoto valve is that it has a (reliable) safety lock on the lever to prevent the valve from accidentally letting out all of your oil when you least expect it. The Fumoto valve tucks up nice and safe above the engine skid plate so it stays out of harms way, yet the nipple keeps everything clean during an oil change.

You can see in the animation at right how the Fumoto valve operates. Even with the nipple this valve still is safely tucked within my engine skidplate, you can see that in my photos below. Installation is a breeze, just time this install for an oil change before you install the engine skidplate. All you have to do is wait until all of the oil is drained and then thread in the Fumoto in lieu of the OEM drainplug. I put some loc-tite on the threads to ensure a tight fit and seal (also use the provided blue gasket). Be certain to not overtighten the Fumoto, the factory torque specification for the oil drain plug is 25 ft. lbs.

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