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Skid Row Automotive Engine Skidplate

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A beautiful brand new skidplate, oooooooh.I bought this skidplate out of the fear of smashing my oil pan on a rock when on the trail. Since I'd already seen at least 2 of my friends ruin their oil pan (fortunately no leaks on the trail) this fear was quite justifiable. As you can see in the photo at right, this skid has a diamond-shaped hole cut for draining your engine oil through. This is somewhat of a misnomer, as some oil will still drain onto the skidplate. This is why I installed a Fumoto valve (part number F101N).

The installation of this product is pretty easy even for a novice mechanic (it took me about 30 minutes at night, in a gravel parking lot during 20F weather). If you are a small person, it may require having a friend help, as this skidplate weighs about 62 pounds. I won't detail my install directions, as Skid Row's instructions were very thorough and straightforward. You can view the scanned in instruction manual HERE (479KB file).

I have completely beat this skidplate up and dragged it over many rocks over the past couple years. I can confidently say it has been worth it's own hefty weight in gold and it hasn't even slightly dented. There's only minor scrapage and rust from where the powdercoating is scraped off.

My only word of wisdom for the install that isn't listed in the instructions is torque the lower control arm bolt to 130 ft/lbs when reinstalling the bolt. From time to time, this very bolt will need retightened, and you will know it's time to tighten because it makes a popping/clanking noise when the front-right lower control arm is moving while driving. This is very important to be able to distinguish this sound, as when the bolt becomes loose (not if but when) you'll know not to freak out thinking it's your u-joints or a bearing or even your differential making the noise. When you hear this sound, just re-torque the control arm bolt and the sound magically disappears! I would refrain from using loc-tite on this bolt for ease of future disassembly.

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