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The 60th Registry was created by ImperialFleet Publishing to be an informal 60th Anniversary Jeep Association. There are no fees, no meetings, no bull. I just want to collect stories, pictures, specs and such of each 60th Anniversary Jeep out there and add them as a part of this website. I think it's great to have a common bond developed amongst owners of rare 60th Anniversary Jeeps. I love my 60th Jeep and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Please let me know if you're interested. I will put as much or as little of your Jeep/personal info on my site as you feel comfortable with; just tell me in the email. I try to keep the website technically correct and family-oriented (ie no vulgar material). If you want to join email me the following information:

*Absolutely required to apply for membership

Also include any 60th stories you might have, such as how you found out there was a 60th Annivesary Edition Jeep, your favorite Jeep trip, place to go, favorite Jeep quote, etc. You can look at other members' pages to get an idea of what the pages should look like. I want to stress that your personal/private information that you share is safe with me and will not be given out to anyone who asks. I will only share the information that you have given me explicit permission to do so with.

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