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60th Anniversary Jeeps

I first found out about the special edition 60th Anniversary Jeep while test-driving Jeeps one day at my local Jeep dealership. While I was left unattended to roam the showroom floor, I ran into the Jeep propaganda/pamphlet rack and low and behold, I found the below flyer advertising the new 60th Anniversary edition. I grabbed a copy and asked my salesman to check into ordering one for me. He then replies,"what 60th Anniversary?"!!! They didn't even know about this limited production!

Here's what the handout looked like if you've never seen one (click the photos to enlarge):

60th Handout Front 60th Handout Back

If you are looking for the quantity of 60th Anniversary Edition Jeeps made, then look no further. After contacting the DaimlerChrysler Customer Assistance Center I received a response from their Senior Staff Representative. DC provided me with the build numbers for each body style (TJ/WJ/XJ) but despite my asking and DC's best intentions, they said that no records exist that list how many Silver 60ths or Black 60ths were made. Fortunately, fellow Jeeper and 60th owner Julie called Jeep and got the specific break down of Silver vs. Black 60ths that were produced. Thanks Julie!

With that being said, here are the build quantities:

60th TJ Wrangler
4,067 60th Anniversary edition TJs were made.
Black: 1,862
Silver: 2,205

60th WJ Grand Cherokee
3,822 60th Anniversary edition WJs were made.
Black: 1,821
Silver: 2,001

60th XJ Cherokee
5,157 60th Anniversary edition XJs were made.
Black: 2,379
Silver: 2,778

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